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How to joinIMH BAZKIDE is a collaborative formula aimed at businesses and which has two objectives:

  • To consolidate and improve the current training and services that are being offered.
  • To offer businesses a personalized service.
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Our technicians will assess whether your company is innovating or not, with the aim of assessing the ability to innovate and look for areas of improvement.

This diagnosis is free. In addition, the possible actions that can be derived from it may be outsourced to IMH (Asmaola), which apply a 5% discount on the final price. It will also identify possible avenues of funding, with the aim of minimizing investment.


An individual is one of the most important assets of the company and his adequate training is one of the pillars of increased competitiveness. Therefore, we should offer training in accordance with the needs of the company.

The IMH BAZKIDE companies will have the following advantages available to them, in order to retrain and improve their workforce.

  • Preferential treatment for specialized courses (10% discount)
  • Discounts for on-demand courses (5% discount)


IMH will provide the following services free of charge, with the purpose of better defining the training plans in relation to the actual needs of the companies, while seeking to optimize resources:

  • Consultancy and training plan analysis, and methods of financing.
  • Subsidy processing and report on training credits balance under the training bonus scheme.
  • Reports of courses completed at the IMH, along with the performance of your students.
  • Software licenses for Incress (software for drawing up professional profiles based on skills).


In addition, you will have another set of advantages that answers your needs: