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INCRESS is a team of advisers/tutors who focus on providing support to companies that pursue MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION OF THEIR WORKERS IN PRODUCTION WORK, IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION.

This team was set up in the IMH in response to companies’ need to foster skills and attitudes conducive to participation among their workforce.

INCRESS offers services that range from a participation diagnosis to training aimed at developing collaborative working skills, organisational design and skills management.

Development of the human factor

In INCRESS, we offer a new concept in management of people and their skills. We provide support to small and medium-sized companies in their management of Human Resources through::

  • Diagnostics of employee participation and motivation.
  • Cultural diagnostics.
  • Diagnostics of employee participation in innovation.
  • Implementation of a skills management system:
  • Implementation of a management system based on skills:
    • Definition of skills profiles
    • Assessment
    • Implementation of job performance evaluations.
  • On-demand training for skills and aptitudes.