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Basque / Goazen

30+10 seminar

Seminar of IMH about companies' linguistic management

The 30+10 Seminar aims to make companies involved in the machine-tool cluster, any company keen to improve its on-going activity, and vocational training schools and universities that are training future workers aware of the following:

  • the kind of benefit that companies can derive from language management (and in our part of the world, in particular, from working in Basque as well),

  • the good practices of companies, both local ones and ones in other countries already involved in multilingualism somehow, by sharing their practical experiences,

  • and the variety of multilingual products and services that can help companies manage their activities.

So the IMH is keen not only to act responsibly but also to exert an influence on the market and to position itself as an organisation that also offers its services in Basque.

The IMH seeks to train multilingual technical workers, and in this respect the 30+10 seminar is keen to highlight the importance of the need to manage multilingualism in companies. Furthermore, to show that it is a factor that companies need to take into consideration in order to survive and succeed worldwide, and that incorporating of Basque as the native language is really a kind of brandmarking that will provide companies with an identity.

The seminar is aligned with the main lines of Basque institutions, and in fact, in recent years it has been a tremendous boost to the Basquisation of the workplace:

  • The General Plan for Reviving Basque of the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community was approved in a Plenary Session of the Parliament of the Basque Country on 10 December 1999, and a new plan is about to be introduced. The main challenge of the Plan for the next ten years is about making Basque attractive for the new generations of Basque speakers and as valuable as Spanish for the adult world in mainstream areas. To achieve this, the offer of Basque-language services needs to go beyond schools and be spread to other specific and important spheres of use, like the business world.

  • Every year and coordinated by the General Directorate for Basque, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa develops a specific line to encourage Basque use in the socio-economic sphere.

  • In addition, along the lines approved by Elgoibar Town Council, it sets out to exert an influence on the workplace.

When the seminar was designed, it was done with the aim of networking with the institutions, and in this respect

  • The AFM (Machine Tool Manufacturer’s Association): It nominates speakers. And it helps to inform its members about the conference.

  • Ahize-AEK language consultants: It nominates speakers, it ensures language appropriateness, and people involved in the GOAZEN plan helps the IMH to organise the conference.

  • The Vice-Council for Language Planning: It nominates speakers, it informs the associate companies and organisations about the seminar, and provides funding through the LanHitz programme.

  • Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa: It nominates speakers, it informs companies and organisations about the seminar and is provides funding through the programme to encourage Basque use in the socio-economic sphere.

  • Elgoibar Town Council: It nominates speakers, it informs companies and organisations about the seminar, and provides funding through grants to carry out the IMH GOAZEN plan.

These other entities also kindly collaborate proposing presentations: IKASLAN, LANGUNE, EMUN, ELHUYAR AHOLKULARITZA, ARTEZ, IBERBA and ENPRESAREAN.