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Theoretical classroom

  • Theory classrooms are equipped with projectors, TV, video and Internet connection.

  • Computer classrooms.

  • CNC programming and simulation classrooms.

  • CAD-CAM-CAE classrooms

  • Library and multimedia classrooms.

  • Videoconferencing classroom


Classroom with computers

  • Metrology.
  • Metallography and materials.
  • Automatons.
  • Electricity and electronics.
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Heat treatment..



  • Conventional machine tools.
  • Didactic CNC machine tools.
  • CNC production machine tools (machining centres, CNC lathes, grinding machines and wire and penetration spark erosion machines).
  • Mechanical assembly and adjustment.
  • Sheet metal shaping (punching machine, folding machine and press).


The production workshop is equipped with the following machinery:

  • Work shop


  • High-Speed Machine (KONDIA HM1060)

  • 5-Axis Machine (KONDIA-SEASKA)

  • 5-Axis Multi-Function Lathe (LEALDE TM-750).

  • Production lathes (DANOBAT-NI650, LEALDE TCN10-L with C-axis).

  • Multi-Slide Lathe (MUPEM MAGNA-26)

  • Machining centre (LAGUN, KONDIA).

  • 4-Axis Machining Centre (KONDIA A10)

  • Production milling machines (fixed bed LAGUN).

  • CNC cylindrical grinding machine (DANOBAT).

  • Penetration spark erosion (ONA).

  • Wire spark erosion (ONA).

  • Conventional grinder - planer (DANOBAT).

  • CNC grinder - planer (GER).

  • Punching machine (GOITI).

  • CNC folding machine (LOIRE-SAFE).

  • CNC saw (SABI).

  • Industrial robot (ABB).

  • Machines with FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC control units

The teaching workshop is equipped with the following machinery:

  • 5 CNC Slant Bed Lathes (ALECOOP ECLIPSE)

  • 1 CNC Slant Bed Lathe (IMH)

  • 7 CNC machining centres (ALECOOP ODISEA)

  • Machines with FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC and SIEMENS control units


The conventional machinery workshop is equipped with the following machinery:

  • Students in the workshop
  • Parallel lathes (PINACHO)

  • Universal grinding machines (TXURTXIL, DANOBAT, GER).

  • Tangential grinding machine (TXURTXIL, GER).

  • Turret milling machines (KONDIA LAGUN)

  • Universal milling machine (CORREA)

  • Drilling machines (ARA-MON, INCO).

  • Tool Grinder (ELITE)

The welding workshop is equipped with the following machinery:

  • 14 booths fully equipped for carrying out MIG, TIG and electrode welding operations.