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Integrated System Policy

The Management of the IMH, an educational institution dedicated to training and technological innovation at the service of industry and the community, is aware of the importance of prioritising the concepts of QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY AND SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK to to facilitate competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

In this context, in 2013 the IMH addressed the integration of Management Systems for Quality, Environment, Language and Occupational Safety and Health, defining the business strategy within the framework of Integrated Management, following the guidelines laid down in UNE 66177:2005, Management Systems. Guide for the integration of management systems.

As the new general manager of the IMH, I continue to endorse and support its fundamental principles, which are:

  • to provide the best service to our customers, to promote the use of Basque and respect linguistic diversity, and to ensure the protection of the environment and the best occupational safety and health conditions for workers of our organisation

  • to deploy the quality, environmental, linguistic and occupational safety and health policies in the entire workplace pursuant to the ISO 9001 standard (Quality Management Systems), the AUDIT program (Internal Quality Assurance System for university training) in the case of the Dual Engineering University College, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), the EME reference framework of the Basque Government, as well as the technical specification OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety and health management systems in the workplace). We believe that these are the best practices bearing in mind the legal and regulatory requirements of our clients.

  • to take on the following commitments with our stakeholders:

    • to implement a process of continuous improvement in all areas through establishing and revision of quantifiable and measurable objectives and goals

    • to take the requirements of our customers into account

    • to meet both legal and regulatory requirements as well as any others implemented by the organisation

    • to involve, motivate and engage all staff to be part of the company, as well as induce training, motivation and communication

    • to provide training so that all employees know, participate and apply the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Environmental Management Systems

    • to implement as one of our main goals the prevention of pollution, making rational use of material resources, encouraging energy saving and reducing waste generation, as well as prevention of occupational risks of all workers of the organisation

    • to ensure linguistic rights of staff, to boost trilingualism of our students and to prioritise the use of the minority native language of the Basque region to make it the vehicular language of our staff

    • to inform our employees, suppliers, collaborators and society in order for them to understand and participate in our policy for quality, environment, language and occupational health and safety

The IMH Management fully underwrites this policy to achieve the objectives and goals set for Quality, Environment, Language and Occupational Safety and Health.

Elgoibar, February 1th, 2017

Managing Director